Create light effects with texture

Added on May 17th 2010
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Add colourful, personal flare to your work by incorporating doodles and textures, writes Craig Shields

Doodling is an everyday event for most creatives.

Whether youre etching out little characters on the back of an envelope while youre on the telephone or creating a complex masterpiece in the back of a notebook, its an essential element of developing your own style, your imagination and your artistic skills.

Combining your hand-drawn doodles with various textures can enable you to create some powerful and vivid illustrations. In this tutorial, Ill show you how to turn these little outbursts of creativity into artworks. Youll learn how to spirit your doodles off the Post-It note and into a digital illustration to add a personal touch to your work, and how to turn textures into bursts of colour to brighten up your pieces.

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