Ancient Photoshop Tutorials

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    Design A Surreal, Ancient Fantasy Scene In Photoshop

    In this tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to create this Surreal, Ancient Fantasy Scene in Photoshop. We will take several real world objects and seamlessly blend them together to form this artwork. We will also use a number of Photoshop brushes to spice up the effect. Together we will explore the power of Photoshop image adjustment options, filter ... Read More

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    Create An Epic Fantasy Based Ancient Battleground

    At PSDFAN we love helping you to create fantasy outcomes. In today's detailed tutorial you'll learn how to photo manipulate a fantasy battleground. You'll work with cool lighting effects, some serious blending, and matte painting techniques.

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    How to Create a Traditional, Chinese Ink Painting Based on a Scenic Photo

    Try a breath of ancient Chinese art and culture! With these simple intuitive steps of manipulations, you will learn how to create an original traditional style Chinese painting, which has an archaic charm just beyond your photo. Even with these basic Photoshop skills, you can quickly find a path to make a beautiful fairyland. So let's hit it! ... Read More

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    Build type with flair

    For years Ive drawn inspiration from the artwork of ancient cultures. Back in 2002, whilst at university studying graphic design, I discovered some beautiful examples of ancient Greek pattern work, and from that point I was hooked. I had never spent much time trying to draw anything with such intricacy before, and at that time I certainly didnt know Ado ... Read More