Captain america Photoshop Tutorials

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    Captain America Shield in Photoshop

    I haven't had the chance to watch Captain America in the theaters yet, however I've seen the poster all over San Francisco. Every time I see it I think to myself that would be awesome to create that shield in Photoshop. This morning I woke up and decided that I would do that :) So in this tutorial I will show you how to create the Captain Americ ... Read More

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    Design the Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Poster

    Today I decided to reproduce the logo of one of my favorite film series: Pirates of the Caribbean. We are going to see the 4th chapter to the cinema, so letâs celebrate captain Jack Sparrow and his friends with this cool photo manipulation! ... Read More

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    Vanity License Plate

    In this Photoshop tutorial I'll show you how to create a custom vanity license plate using a few basic Photoshop tools a piece of reference material and some creative layer stylings. ... Read More