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    Funny Animal Morphing in Photoshop

    In this tutorial you will see how to morph a horse and an ostrich using Photoshop. Animal morphing tutorials in Photoshop are not very difficult and this one is no exception. ... Read More

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    How To: Make the Viget Inspire Background

    A few of you have been asking, so here it is: An overview of how we put the Viget Inspire background together. The driving philosophy behind real-texture stuff like this is to fake as little as possible. No matter how many brushes you have or how good you are in Illustrator, there's a quality of unpredictability in real photographs and real, physical el ... Read More

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    Super Retro Style for an Old School Cover

    I love having a digital camera, but it is definitely lacking in the vibe department. Old school film cameras like the Holga and the Diana have a great feel to them, especially when they are cross processed. So Im going to show you some ways to fake the funk and give your digital images a healthy dose of awesome sauce. (Ive been listening to Fundamental El ... Read More