Girls Photoshop Tutorials

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    Give a Photo a Complete Glamour Makeover With Stunning Light and 3D Effects

    Have you ever wanted to see what you would look like after a complete makeover? Today, Im going to show you how to transform a regular, every day photo into a real glamour shot. In this tutorial, you will learn how to retouch a models face and subtly manipulate her hair. In addition, we will enhance the canvas by adding attractive lighting and 3D effects. ... Read More

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    Combine 3D Shapes and Vectors for a Dynamic Composition

    The ability for a designer to be multidisciplinary is one of the most important abilities that a designer can develop as a part of his or her skill repertoire. Whether its today, or a few months down the road, most designers will encounter a situation where they must be able to work with 3D, vector graphics and raster graphics seamlessly, in order to achie ... Read More

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    Flashing Design in Photoshop

    The tutorial of this week is very special, it's from Mike Speero, a graphic designer from Gothenburg, Sweden. Mike has been featured in several books, magazines, done interviews, had a poster up on a fancy Italian galleria and soon he will be selling skateboards as well. ... Read More