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    PS Advanced Composition Tutorial

    Whoa 45 mins I know I know its a bit on the lengthy side but its jam packed full of photoshop goodness. And if you consider you can be rocking like the pros and design this yourself in under an hour its time well spent. This tutorial will run through isolating images using masks, brushes, blend modes and plenty more in between. Sorry in advance for the ... Read More

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    Displacement Effect Tutorial in Photoshop

    In this tutorial I will be showing you how to use the displacement Filter to your advantage and create a stunning black and white illustration. You will learn how to create clipping masks by using splatter brushes and how to manipulate image adjustments to sort out coloring and shadow composition. This tutorial is very easy to follow and you will learn quite ... Read More

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    Take your artwork cosmic

    Celestial elements are everywhere in design. Ben Thomas demonstrates how to incorporate them into your style Geometric shapes and cosmos elements have been popular with a lot of artists in 2009. I was asked to give my own take on the style earlier in the year, and in this tutorial Ill show you some cheeky methods for creating the cosmos look with noth ... Read More