Painted Photoshop Tutorials

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    Create a Nature Inspired Painted Background in Photoshop

    When I first saw the Viget Inspire Blog, I was very impressed. The background just grabs and pulls the reader right in. After studying it for a while, I still couldnt determine if it was made from an actual painting or if it was all created from scratch in Photoshop. Regardless of how it was created, it makes for a great looking design. In this tutorial, I ... Read More

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    Create a Painted Poster using Photoshop Filters

    This is a quick tutorial on how to use Photoshop Paint filters to give a painted look to your images. The goal of this design was to get a painted effect, that kept some of the realism of the original image still intact. ... Read More

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    Unlock your freestyle creativity using Photoshop and Illustrator

    This tutorial will help you develop and hone your creative style by using simple Photoshop and Illustrator methods to create original digital artworks, based on a portrait photo. Youll go back to basics to revisit the fundamentals of digital artworks. To stave off the temptation to resort to bells, whistles, and fancy tools, Freddy Camargo has set himsel ... Read More

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    How to Create an Abstract Photo Manipulation

    Here we'll learn how to create an abstract photo manipulation that looks like you've just painted the subject, I've included lots of useful techniques for creating impressive abstract pieces. I've tried to keep this simple but if you don't understand any steps then just skip it as not all of them are compulsory. ... Read More