Snowy Photoshop Tutorials

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    Design a Snowy Rock Text Effect in Photoshop

    In this tutorial, I will demonstrate the processes I used to design this snowy rock text effect in Photoshop. The inspiration of this design came from a snowy mountain photo I saw the other day, and I thought I could create a similar text effect which might look interesting! Along the way, we will use various layer blending options, some selection techniq ... Read More

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    How to Create a Cold Snowy Winter Scene in Photoshop

    As we're approaching the end of the hottest summer and worst drought in recorded history here in Texas, I decided a nice cold winter scene tutorial was in order. In this tutorial Im going to walk you through my process and the techniques I used to create this nice cold winter portrait. ... Read More

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    Snowy Festive Text Effect

    Create a snowy text effect, with dazzling tinsels and shiny stars, using layer styles and brush settings.

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