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    Ghost Love Story

    In this tutorial Amalia will show you how she made a really beautiful and emotional artwork. You will learn how to create light effects using photoshop brushes and how to add color to your artworks. Enjoy ... Read More

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    Create a Watercolor-Themed Website Design with Photoshop

    Watercolor in graphic design has become very trendy the last couple of years, many websites and incredible designers are using this style and taking it to another level. Even knowing the technique is important in this kind of design, is more about creativity and experimentation. You will learn how to use the Art History Brush and combine it with watercolor c ... Read More

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    How to Create a Cold Snowy Winter Scene in Photoshop

    As we're approaching the end of the hottest summer and worst drought in recorded history here in Texas, I decided a nice cold winter scene tutorial was in order. In this tutorial Im going to walk you through my process and the techniques I used to create this nice cold winter portrait. ... Read More

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    Create a Surreal, Floating Landscape With a Fantasy Twist

    Floating landscapes always make for fun Photoshop work. However, often with floating landscape compositions, the floating landscape is the extent of the image, and it lacks any real story. Over at our members community, members are buzzing with ideas and inspiration. We teach people that it�s mor ... Read More

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    ABDZ Constellation in Photoshop

    This weekend I went to the movies to watch Interstellar in IMAX 70mm. This movie was for me the most anticipated one this year and I left the theater in awe. The movie is visually stunning and as expected from Nolan, a mind-bending experience in terms of storytelling. Still blown away, I decided to create an image in Photoshop inspired by my experie ... Read More