Gigposter Design: The New Sex/

Added on May 15th 2009
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A lot of people are making them. A lot of people suck. We dont suck, and neither do you. This tutorial requires NO drawing talent so dont trip folks. You will however need Adobe Photoshop 7.0 or higher and Illustrator CS2 or higher. My names Dave, and this is my first ever solo tutorial. Im very unorthodox and direct so forgive me if I lose you guys during any part of this. Ill do what I can to answer questions for people who think my tutorial is too confusing.

So were going to make a gig poster! Subject matter: Deftones and The Fall of Troy in Cleveland, Ohio at the House of Blues on May 30th. Why are the Deftones not first, you ask? Because I like The Fall of Troy better and this is an unofficial poster, so who cares?

Final Preview :

Tuto preview

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