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Added on January 20th 2009
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Doodling is an everyday part of life for most creatives its as natural as holding a pen. Whether youre etching out little characters on the back of an envelope while youre on the telephone, or creating a complex masterpiece in the back of a notebook, bus trip by bus trip, its an essential part of developing your own style and honing your imagination and artistic skills.

Many creatives, then, will have a bag full of doodle-filled notebooks, and a desk covered in messed-up envelopes and Post-It notes. But what do you do with them afterwards?

Much of the time they end up in the bin we dont see them as an important part of our creative work. This is a shame, as when youre freed from commercial constraints and drawing for fun, your true style can shine through.

In this masterclass, Craig Shields shows you how to turn these little outbursts of creativity into artworks. Youll learn how to spirit your doodles off the Post-It note and into a digital illustration, using them to add a very personal touch to an image. The masterclass makes use of several images that can be downloaded for a small fee or for free.

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