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    Make Perfect Selection for Human Object by Utilising Channel Mask Technique in Photoshop

    In this tutorial, I will show you a rather useful technique I use in Photoshop to make perfect human selection, which requires the combination of channel mask and the quick selection tool available in Photoshop CS3. I have received a number of emails lately in regards to this topic and I have decided to post this short tutorial with a step-by-step guide f ... Read More

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    Handy Techniques for Cutting Out Hair in Photoshop

    When trimming out images in Photoshop, human hair or animal fur always proves troublesome and can be tricky to achieve a realistic look. Here are two techniques I use on images with both plain backgrounds, and those with a varied background tones, each achieving pretty decent end results. The best photos are those professional studio type shots that are t ... Read More

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    Create fab 1980s type effects in Photoshop

    The 1980s are back their influence is currently everywhere, from fashion to music, and nowhere are they more visible than in digital art. Creatives are combining the trashy glamour of the decade with the fantastic toolsets of Photoshop and other creative tools, to come up with kitschy effects that raise a smile at the same time as showing off technical s ... Read More

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    Make smashing glass effects

    Photoshops Glass filter is often overlooked, but when its used creatively, its capable of creating some powerful and impressive visual effects. The Glass filter works by distorting an image using greyscale information, in a similar way to how bump maps in 3D applications work. In this tutorial, Mark Mayers reveals how to create a realistic shattering g ... Read More

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    How to Create Eroded Metal Text with Photoshop

    In this tutorial I'll show you how to create an eroded metal text effect. Throughout this tutorial we'll make use of various drawing techniques, channels, and patterns. Let's get started! ... Read More

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    How to Use Light and Shadow to Create a Dramatic Photo Effect with Photoshop

    In this tutorial you'll learn how you can change light scene in your photography or photo manipulation to get dramatic atmosphere. I'll also show you how you can use Channels to easily change sky, how you can use different filters to create dreamy effect and give you several tips on color adjustments. Lets get started! ... Read More

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    Quick Tip: Emphasize or Hide Skin Flaws With One Layer

    Want to retouch skin quick and naturally? Learn how to do that using just the yellow channel in your photo. This technique can be used to emphasize skin detail for a dramatic look or reduce the appearance of wrinkles, freckles, and dark circles under the eyes.

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