Fancy Photoshop Tutorials

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    How to do a fancy layout for a graphic design blog using Photoshop

    Welcome in this new Photoshop tutorial on Today you can learn how to create a fancy graphic blog webdesign! This Photoshop tutorial is composed of three different tutorials ... Read More

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    Making a fancy Pop Style Poster

    On today s tutorial we want to show you how to make a beautiful pop poster with Adobe Photoshop; this post will guide you on a step by step process that will let you complete this design without any trouble ... Read More

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    Unlock your freestyle creativity using Photoshop and Illustrator

    This tutorial will help you develop and hone your creative style by using simple Photoshop and Illustrator methods to create original digital artworks, based on a portrait photo. Youll go back to basics to revisit the fundamentals of digital artworks. To stave off the temptation to resort to bells, whistles, and fancy tools, Freddy Camargo has set himsel ... Read More

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    Flashing Design in Photoshop

    The tutorial of this week is very special, it's from Mike Speero, a graphic designer from Gothenburg, Sweden. Mike has been featured in several books, magazines, done interviews, had a poster up on a fancy Italian galleria and soon he will be selling skateboards as well. ... Read More

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    Create a Dark Modern Contact Form in Photoshop

    In this tutorial, we'll be creating a dark, modern contact form in Photoshop. We'll use some layer styles and some basic effects to give a metal cut-out look. Nothing too fancy but some pretty effective styles. ... Read More