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    Super Retro Style for an Old School Cover

    I love having a digital camera, but it is definitely lacking in the vibe department. Old school film cameras like the Holga and the Diana have a great feel to them, especially when they are cross processed. So Im going to show you some ways to fake the funk and give your digital images a healthy dose of awesome sauce. (Ive been listening to Fundamental El ... Read More

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    Chalk Text Effect

    Modify a simple chalk brush then use it to create a nice colorful chalk text effect.

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    Make a Vintage Magazine Ad in Photoshop

    I'm a big fan of vintage magazine ads. Aside from the retro look they present, its interesting to me to see how far the design industry has come over the years. Aside from being a fan of vintage ads, Im also a big fan of old school pinup art. While I was researching vintage ads for this Photoshop tutorial, I came across a few Coppertne Sunscreen ads tha ... Read More

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    Create beautiful abstract mosaics

    Mosiacs generally make you think of the Roman villas you visited on school trips, or those pictures-within-pictures that appeared on every students bedroom wall after the craze for Magic Eye images died. They dont automatically conjure visions of stylish artwork, but Fabio Sasso has found a way to create truly striking visuals with a very simple, swift pro ... Read More