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    How to Create a Cold Snowy Winter Scene in Photoshop

    As we're approaching the end of the hottest summer and worst drought in recorded history here in Texas, I decided a nice cold winter scene tutorial was in order. In this tutorial Im going to walk you through my process and the techniques I used to create this nice cold winter portrait. ... Read More

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    Laboratory Glassware Letters. Realistic glass text effect.

    Learn how to create realistic glass text effect by using very simple tools and techniques such as layer style effects and blending modes. This Adobe Photoshop tutorial teaches how to apply transparent glossy texture to the letter shape, how to fill out laboratory glassware letter with the realistic liquid, water bubbles and steam. Also you may learn ... Read More

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    Create a Modern Lab Theme Web Design in Photoshop

    In this web design tutorial I will show you how to create a web layout with a sleek and modern look using Adobe Photoshop. We will go from finding sources of inspiration to setting up the document in Photoshop and creating design elements that fit with the theme of the web layout. I will also give you some practical examples of how using smart objects in a w ... Read More

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    Create a Beautifully Designed 3D Starfish Icon

    With just about everyone using a smart phone, it is important for mobile apps to have beautifully designed icons to represent the brand. In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a beautiful 3D starfish icon using several applications including Photoshop, Cinema 4D, and ZBrush. In the process we will show you how to create 3D objects and then ... Read More

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    BrainText Effect

    Realistic "Smart Idea" 3D letters. Learn how to create realistic brain text effect. This Adobe Photoshop tutorial will show how to apply gray cells, blood vessel texture and light reflections to the 3D shapes.

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