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    Very Easy Heroes Eclipse in Photoshop

    The new season of Heroes is on and it's really good. While I was watching the last episode I saw the opening credits and I thought to myself, why I haven't done that effect yet. So I decided to create the Heroes eclipse effect in Photoshop with a litle extra retro style. So in this tutorial I will show you how to create a nice eclipse effect usi ... Read More

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    The Cosmos: Create a Red Giant Star in Photoshop

    When a star like our own reaches the end of its life, it begins to run out of hydrogen fuel in its core. Like a car running out of gas, it will begin to sputter, swelling to a size that could encompass every planet in our solar system out to Mars. When this happens, the sun will swallow the Earth and will spell certain doom for all life on our planet. Today& ... Read More

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    Photo Manipulation - Dont leave me

    Welcome to another PSD Box tutorial. In this tutorial I will show you how to turn a free stock image into a beautiful manipulation. You will learn how to manipulate light and how to create beautiful realistic shadows. ... Read More

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    Sky And Clouds Tutorial

    Tutorial How to Make Variety Sky and Cloud Tutorial Including Morning , Sunset and Night. Click DOWNLOAD for better resolution.

    Brush i use on this tutorial [link]

    Credit to the Owner. I am using CS5 Version of Phot ... Read More

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    Make a Vintage Magazine Ad in Photoshop

    I'm a big fan of vintage magazine ads. Aside from the retro look they present, its interesting to me to see how far the design industry has come over the years. Aside from being a fan of vintage ads, Im also a big fan of old school pinup art. While I was researching vintage ads for this Photoshop tutorial, I came across a few Coppertne Sunscreen ads tha ... Read More

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    How to Make a Dark, Post-Apocalyptic City Illustration

    In this tutorial, we'll change a full of sunshine, ordinary photograph into a gloomy image of the world after destruction of mankind. Using simple tools, we'll turn lively streets into abandoned ruins overgrown with weeds. A number of stock images and a few little tricks will let us optimize our work and make this job more interesting and spectacul ... Read More

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    Correcting Exposure with the Shadows & Highlights Tool

    Today were going to take a look at an incredibly useful, amazing tool: the Shadow/Highlight adjustment. Often when taking pictures, its difficult, sometimes impossible, to get perfect exposure on everything within the frame. Especially shooting outdoors with a bright sun and shadows on the landscape youre bound to overor under-expose parts of your sho ... Read More

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    Design an Indie Rock cd cover in Photoshop

    Today I'm going to explain how to realize a retro cd cover in Photoshop. We will photo-manipulate a sunset scene, then we will combine other elements like textures and vector resources to finalize the composition. ... Read More

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    How to Create Glossy Cloud Icons in Photoshop

    In this tutorial we will be creating some glossy weather icons, that can be used on website or in your graphic design projects. The two icons we will be creating is a Sunny Daytime icon and a Moonlit Nighttime Icon. ... Read More

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    Dark Knight Rises Poster in Photoshop

    A couple of weeks ago I saw the new Dark Knight Rises poster and I love it. The concept was beautiful, using negative spaces to show the Batman symbol. As usual I started to think about ways to do that in Photoshop, then last Saturday I started looking for assets and trying to put together the first concept. After a couple of hours searching for images I fou ... Read More

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    Sleeping Girl in Tub Photo Manipulation

    In this Photoshop tutorial, we are going to learn how to seamlessly combine photos to create a realistic image of a girl sleeping in a bathtub on a beautiful field while the sun sets. We are going to learn how to use the Brush tool to create light and shadows and how to make the colors of an image more vivid. ... Read More