The Cosmos: Create a Red Giant Star in Photoshop

Added on February 17th 2011
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When a star like our own reaches the end of its life, it begins to run out of hydrogen fuel in its core. Like a car running out of gas, it will begin to sputter, swelling to a size that could encompass every planet in our solar system out to Mars. When this happens, the sun will swallow the Earth and will spell certain doom for all life on our planet. Today's tutorial is part of a 4-part series depicting the journey of the inhabitance of a dying world that must travel into the unknown to find a new world to call home. Part 1: The Lost Home, will demonstrate how to create a red giant star as it is about to swallow an Earth-like planet. In addition to written content, this tutorial also includes about an hour of video instruction to help you along the way.

The rest of this series, we will explore the cosmos from the perspective of this fictional civilization as it makes its way through the universe and will demonstrate the techniques that you can use in Photoshop to depict your own cosmic scene or adventure. Each part of this series will teach something new. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

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