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    How to design an impressive graphic tee in Photoshop

    We will create together a stylized portrait of a blindfolded lady, using some custom resources and dealing with simple Photoshop techniques. ... Read More

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    Superman - Man of Steel Movie Poster

    Create the Man of Steel movie poster in Photoshop

    ... Read More

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    Rusty - Create rusty steel text

    In this tutorial you will get a detailed, step by step, tutorial of how to create Rusty Text. It's very easy to follow and you'll have amazing results! ... Read More

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    Papercraft Text Effect

    Wired Magazine introduced on the September 2008 issue a new headline design created by Mario Hugo. This cool headline design struck me with its beauty and simplicity. So I decided to turn this effect into a Photoshop tutorial. Although the effect is a bit different, all credit should be given to Mario Hugo. Since he designed a custom typeface for these head ... Read More

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    Sweet Radio Station Advert Design

    My first tutorial in a little while, so please bear with me! In this tutorial well be using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop (versions CS3) to create/design a beautiful radio station advertisement. Well just be using Illustrator to design a few simple elements, so if you dont have it or dont know how to use it, you can easily download some cool design ... Read More

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    Design a Colorful Illustration Using Patterns and Shapes

    A good friend and amazing artist Bram Vanhaeren and I decided to collaborate on an illustration to then create a tutorial for all the readers at Psdtuts+. We came up with a cool illustration that incorporates patterns, coloring, as well as 3D shapes. The most important thing about this is that it is all extremely simple to create so it shouldn't be that ... Read More