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    Make photos sparkle

    Turning a run-of-the-mill photo into a dazzling one is simple when you know the right tricks. In this tutorial, Photoshop maestro Aeiko shows how to create a variety of light effects that can be applied to photography or illustration with equal impact. From sparkles, pixie dust effects, coloured light spots and light beams, to using splatter effects as ... Read More

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    How to Create a Flaming Photo Manipulation

    In this tutorial, we'll manipulate a picture so it looks like a woman burning in flames. The idea behind this manipulation was to create a nice looking illustration, only by using simple techniques and tools such as the Brush tool and Warp command. I hope you enjoy the tutorial and try it with your own stock imagery. ... Read More

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    Transform Your Doodles

    Doodling is an everyday part of life for most creatives its as natural as holding a pen. Whether youre etching out little characters on the back of an envelope while youre on the telephone, or creating a complex masterpiece in the back of a notebook, bus trip by bus trip, its an essential part of developing your own style and honing your imagination an ... Read More

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    Seriously Cool Photoshop Explosion Effect

    Explosions are cool. Seriously cool. So when I received some e-mails asking about how to create a break-apart, explosion effect, I knew it'd be worth making a tutorial on. Read on to find out how to break apart a body, then add some awesome lighting and glow, and nopattern style, to finish the image off. ... Read More

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    Sparkling Hot Girl in Photoshop

    Ive seen some very nice images mixing photos with light effects and sparks. If you go to flickr in those Photoshop and Graphic Design groups you will see images with this effect. Theres a designer, I think he's Brazilian, who has some amazing designs using this style, his name is Leandro Demetrius and its really worth checking his work out. Anyway ... Read More

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    Deep and Moody

    Right time to go into Photoshop and create a "simple" moody image using loads of simple effects to create an image with depth and composition. This is simpler than you think but can demand a lot from your system. You will be switching between Illustrator, Photoshop, Painter and throwing a few hand rendered elements in just for good measure so put t ... Read More

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    Create amazing photomontages

    Nik Ainley shows you how to make a splash, blending two very different images to create this amazing underwater effect, complete with a dissolving figure of a man. Perhaps because of the overtones of freshness and vitality, water-based effects are always in demand. In this tutorial, Nik Ainley provides step-by-step guidance on how to make a stunning, dyna ... Read More

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    Create cool neon effects

    Whether its the speeded-up glow of car headlights in a night-time city scene, an alien spacecraft or a deep-sea jellyfish youre recreating, this far-out neon look is a highly useful trick to master. It conveys a sense of movement and energy, and the colours can be tweaked to give a surprising range of effects. In this tutorial, Tony Ariawan provides a s ... Read More