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    Learn how to create a James Bond Movie Poster, inspired by SKYFALL.

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    How to create 3D abstract circles in Photoshop CS4

    This is the first of a new series of tutorials about Photoshop CS4 and its new features. We will create abstract circles in real 3D. To complete this tutorial you need Photoshop CS4 (), a good graphic card and 5 minutes. The effect i want to recreate is the typical style of James White but in 3D mode and in a quickest way. ... Read More

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    Super Retro Style for an Old School Cover

    I love having a digital camera, but it is definitely lacking in the vibe department. Old school film cameras like the Holga and the Diana have a great feel to them, especially when they are cross processed. So Im going to show you some ways to fake the funk and give your digital images a healthy dose of awesome sauce. (Ive been listening to Fundamental El ... Read More

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    Really cool Eclipse Effect in Photoshop

    In this tutorial I will show you how I created the Abduzeedo's footer. Some of the techniques I used here I took from other tutorials and also from another tutorial I wrote some time ago for PSDtuts Mix Cool Retro Curves Into Your Photographs. Besides, the design is inspired by the amazing work of James White, so I highly recommend you to check his work ... Read More

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    Tutorial: Create A Retro Cosmic Design in Photoshop

    This tutorial will teach you how to recreate the Retro Cosmic designs made popular by James White of Signalnoise. All you need is a copy of Photoshop and some time on your hands. In this particular example were going to create a retro cosmic rainbow but the techniques explained can be used in combination with any shape and colour. ... Read More