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    Draw an iTunes icon with Photoshop

    Since I am unoccupied, here I would like to share with you a demonstration on how to draw an iTune icon. Please pay attention to how I draw an icon from nothing.

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    Create a Mixed Media Masterpiece in Photoshop

    The concept for the piece called 'Night Cereus' was actually based upon a dream I had one night. There was a large pod like plant at the bottom of my garden one night. When I approached it, a man grew out of it. He had long hair and a beard and was very spiritual, like a Buddhist monk or an angel. It was such a vivid dream because I can remember th ... Read More

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    Transform Your Doodles

    Doodling is an everyday part of life for most creatives its as natural as holding a pen. Whether youre etching out little characters on the back of an envelope while youre on the telephone, or creating a complex masterpiece in the back of a notebook, bus trip by bus trip, its an essential part of developing your own style and honing your imagination an ... Read More