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    Matte Painting Tutorial of Tajmahal Using Photoshop

    Traditionally, matte paintings were made by artists using paints or pastels on large sheets of glass for integrating with the live-action footage. The first known matte painting shot was made in 1907 by Norman Dawn (ASC). Later on Matte Painting revolutionized to an extreme level for which Avatar is an example. In this tutorial we are going to cover few basi ... Read More

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    Draw an Ink Painting in Photoshop

    Sometimes all you need to create a quick graphic in Photoshop is a piece of paper, a pen, and a scanner. In todays tutorial we will demonstrate how to convert a hand drawn sketch into an ink-style painting in Photoshop. ... Read More

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    Create a Magical Flaming Heart Illustration in Photoshop

    The Warp feature in Photoshop can be a powerful tool if you know how to use it correctly. In today's tutorial we will demonstrate how to combine a few stock images to create a magical flaming heart illustration. Let's get started! ... Read More

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    How to design a funny Monkey T-Shirt illustration

    Today I gonna show you how to create a nice monkey illustration and how to apply it on a t-shirt of the set. We will use Photoshop tools to modify stock images and work with shadows and color contrasts. Then we will switch to Illustrator to create the vector monkey. ... Read More

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    How to Draw A Very Detailed RadioTape From The 80's

    Remember the old days where cassette tape and FM radio still rules? The Rolling Stones, Beatles, and Ozzy Osborne was the king! Great memory isn't it? And of course you'll remember the gadget we use at that time. It's much bigger than iPad, but no one complains! Radio tape. In this tutorial, we'll recreate a radio tape from the 80's ... Read More

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    Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Spiral Galaxy in 5 Easy Steps

    This tutorial will teach you how to create a Spiral Galaxy in Photoshop using nothing but filters and simple transformation tools. The tutorial is aimed at beginners and youll learn techniques involving different transformation modes, the clouds filter, selection option and using blending modes. Should you run into any trouble feel free to leave a comment t ... Read More

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    Create A Slow Motion Bullet Shot Effect

    First of all I want to say many thanks to Reaprevenge for finding back this tutorial that was lost during the PST crash. In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to make a nice bullet shot effect. I decided to use a technological object such as a remote control to show a lot of tiny parts flying off after the impact: the circuit board, the buttons, ... Read More

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    How to Create a Fun, Red-Haired Boy Character

    In this tutorial, we will learn how to make a funny boy character in Adobe Photoshop. After drawing the sketch, we'll use shapes, layer styles, the brush tool, and other effects to add some dimension to and life to our character. ... Read More

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    Spotted Eagle Ray

    I was inspired by a photo of beautiful eagle ray, and I wanted to create an artwork that includes the eagle ray underwater, and the sky above him, with stars shining. ... Read More

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    Painting Perfect Skin

    Painting skin is one of the hardest tasks faced by every photorealistic painter, due 
to the number of factors that make up a final effect colour choices, blending techniques, special brush usage and custom texturing are all equally important to achieve a truly realistic effect. Its also crucial to remember that different types of skin require a ... Read More